Do I need to get a burn permit for a campfire?
A burn permit is not required for hand warming or cooking fires. However, this does not absolve a person from taking due safety precautions.

Where can I get a burn permit?
Burn permits can be purchased at either the Bennett Valley Fire Station during most business hours during the burn season. Due to daily training, personnel may be out of the stations during the day. The best time to catch someone is between 8 and 10 am.

How can I help serve my community?
Click here to become a volunteer.

When is the Pancake Breakfast fund raiser?
The Bennett Valley Fire Fighter's Association hosts their breakfast on the last Sunday in April at the fire station.

Where does the department get its revenue?
Being a fire district, our budget is based solely on taxes generated from residents within the district boundaries.

Who governs the department and how can I have input?
The district is run by an elected board of directors. The board normally meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Contact the business office to obtain a schedule.

How much area do I need to clear for a fire engine to access my home?
A fire engine needs a minimum of 12' high and 12' wide to access your property. If the minimum is not maintained, it may prevent or delay our response in a time of emergency and may adversely affect your homeowner's insurance.