The Bennett Valley Fire District is instituting a fire prevention program, members of the department will visit dwellings within the Bennett Valley Fire Protection District when you call and make an appointment.

We will install new smoke detectors and replace those that are over 10 years old, replace dead or missing batteries in smoke detectors, and audit the home's immediate property to help the home owner comply with California's 100-foot defensible space regulations. If we happen upon your house during a call we will gladly inspect your detector and replace it with a new one, or change out the battery. We also will have important fire and disaster-related literature that we will be glad to share with you.

Please take advantage of this service as it may prevent loss of life and property in the future. We look forward to visiting all the residents in the Bennett Valley Fire District and sharing our knowledge of fire prevention practices as well as checking your smoke detection devices.

Remember, this is a free service. We will only visit if you call us at 707-578-7761 to make an appointment.