Our fire station is located on Bennett Valley Road, between Grange and Sonoma Mountain Road, in the unincorporated section of South East Santa Rosa just beyond the true city limits.

The Bennett Valley Fire District was formed in 1948, and at its inception was an all volunteer Department. The first fire station was a small shed near the corner of Sonoma Mountain Road and Bennett Valley Road. The current station was built during the 1960's by volunteers.

In 2002, our residents approved a parcel tax enabling us to staff the station 24/7 with paid firefighters. The District is now a combination type Fire Department, meaning that we have both volunteer and paid staff. A paid Lieutenant is on duty 365 days a year. Additionally, an Engineer (engine operator) and firefighter are on duty from 8-5 daily. At 5PM three trained volunteers come on duty. They sleep overnight at the station and are paid a stipend for their immediate availability. This means our district residents are protected each night with four to five trained firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians.

The Fire District covers 25 square miles with approximately 1200 homes and a widely used highway bypass route. The Fire District also responds to Annadel State Park, due to our light rescue/rope rescue and 4X4 capability. Bennett Valley Fire District works in close coordination with our surrounding fire districts, and provides mutual aid for greater alarm incidents and cover assignments. Our firefighters are continuously trained to assure they are using the most current techniques and technology for lifesaving and firefighting, and we have a highly functional fleet of vehicles.