Assistant Chief Dan George

Assistant Chief Dan George has been with Gold Ridge Fire Protection District since 1991 and has been in the fire service since 1979. His duties include apparatus, communication equipment, dispatch, tax reporting and grant reporting. He is also certified as an Operations Chief and participates on a federal incident management team, which responds to major incidents throughout the United States. Email:

Battalion Chief Adam Schipper

Battalion Chief Adam Schipper has been with the Gold Ridge Fire Protection District since 1986. He joined as a Fire Explorer, became a Volunteer, an Engineer, and was later promoted to Captain, then Battalion Chief. His duties include Engineer training, equipment on apparatus such as medical gear and breathing apparatus, uniforms and safety gear, and new volunteer recruiting. Email:

Battalion Chief Darrin DeCarli

Battalion Chief Darrin DeCarli joined the department in 2008. He comes with many years experience within the local fire community including seven years as a captain/fire inspector for the Sonoma County Department of Emergencies Services and fourteen years as a captain for the San Antonio Volunteer Fire Department. Chief DeCarli has expertise in fire prevention, hazardous materials regulation and response, strike team leader, and fire investigations. Email: